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Why choose BOSS Bonds?

BOSS Bonds is your trusted surety-only partner offering unmatched convenience and competitive rates without sacrificing personal and reliable service. Our team of knowledgeable professionals sets the industry standard for responsiveness, efficiency, and ease, ensuring the best solution for every customer.

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No competition, specialized focus.

One of the distinct advantages of choosing BOSS Bonds is the absence of competition. Unlike agencies that deal in both insurance and surety, we focus solely on surety bonds. This exclusive focus ensures that your customers remain exclusively yours. This commitment goes beyond transactions; it's about building enduring relationships based on trust and confidence.

Streamlined processes with our exclusive portal.

We’ve spent years hearing the same complaints from agents like you about the challenges of managing your clients’ bonds and navigating the intricacies of surety bonds themselves. This is why we created a state-of-the-art agent portal called SuretyBonds.Market (SBM). The user-friendly interface gives agents like you 100% visibility and control throughout each stage, from application to approval to issuance.

Bond applications have never been easier, and you’ll no longer find yourself grappling with commission checks or uncertainty about which customers obtained which bonds. Furthermore, the SBM portal allows direct communication with our team, giving you access to important notes and documents and the ability to monitor your client's bond seamlessly.

"They are extremely effective in finding bonds that are affordable. If I need help with a client not knowing exactly what type of bond they need, I always get quick turnaround with assistance. Highly recommend their services."

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Stronger relationships, competitive advantage.

In the dynamic landscape of surety bonding, relationships are a cornerstone. BOSS Bonds takes pride in its extensive nationwide network, built from relationships established with over 25 markets. This network translates into a competitive advantage for you. We know which sureties to approach for different bonds, ensuring more competitive rates with a faster turnaround because we won’t waste time placing bonds with uninterested markets.

Furthermore, our in-house authority expedites the approval process for a variety of common bonds, offering swift responses and efficient handling of bond requests no matter which state you’re operating in.

BOSS Bonds provides surety solutions that make happy clients and agents shine.

When you’re in a bind because your client needs a surety bond, look to the solution-focused team at BOSS Bonds. We listen to your needs and always deliver an excellent experience. In return, you get a happy client and easy commission.

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