Secure Your Projects with Confidence with Maintenance Bonds

Warranty/Maintenance Bonds simplified.

Navigating the complexities of contract bonds doesn't have to be a daunting task. We're here to make the process of securing both public and private construction projects as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our industry expertise is your asset in navigating these critical requirements for contractors.

Your assurance of quality, our commitment to you.

Maintenance bonds, also known as warranty or guarantee bonds, protect the obligee from any defects or issues with the completed project for a specified period after completion. Typically, a one-year guarantee is implied with a contractor’s Payment/Performance Bond.

Should any issues arise during this maintenance period, as your surety partner, we're by your side to ensure you have the opportunity to address any defects promptly, without undue stress on your resources.

Predominantly a requirement for government projects, these bonds are also increasingly sought after in the private sector. Whether included within your performance bond or issued separately, we're here to ensure that your guarantee stands solid, reinforcing your reputation for years to come.

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Secure your contract bond with BOSS Bonds, and you will be on your way to building a foundation for lasting success. Our extensive industry know-how is your advantage, paving the way for a seamless, worry-free bond procurement experience, project after project, year after year.

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