Surety is easy revenue. Don't leave it on the table.

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Your insurtec solution for high-touch service.

Surety can be easy revenue for you and your agency. By leveraging BOSS Bonds and our state-of-the-art surety portal, (SBM), you can harness cutting-edge technology to streamline your process. This makes it quick and effortless for agents to provide high-touch, personalized service to meet your clients' surety needs. Don't make the mistake of leaving easy money on the table.

Computer screen displaying an online surety bond marketplace

Thousands of bonds available.

We provide applications for thousands of different bonds in every state and federal bonds. Simply search for your required bond and apply through our portal, and our team will handle the rest!

Easy to use bond-application interface.

Our portal interface was designed with accessibility and ease at the forefront of our mind, allowing you to find exactly what you need without the added confusion of a poor online user experience.

Instant bond quotes and approvals.

Many of our bond applications do not require a credit check, meaning you can apply for your customers, get instant approval and quotes, and get them bonded faster than ever.

SBM has totally rocked our surety license bond game!

"Their platform is so user-friendly, and their support team is like having a buddy holding your hand through the whole bonding process. They've got solutions for everything, and they adapt to our needs like superheroes. Just today, we had a new client in a pinch needing an HVAC bond quickly. I texted them our SBM application link with a sassy 'How fast can you fill out these few questions and pay with your credit card?' And bam! We booked that bond for them less than an hour later, but more importantly took care of our client’s needs quickly and efficiently. I'd totally recommend them to anyone needing a reliable online surety solution!"
Clint Paskewitz, CRA®, Commercial Risk Director, Associated Insurance Services

One-stop access to 25+ surety markets.

SuretyBonds.Market is supported by our remarkable surety bond experts at BOSS Bonds. Meaning you get the benefits of a modern portal and our surety agency’s extensive industry relationships with dozens of surety companies. With our relationships and expertise, we’ll find you the most competitive quotes out there.

Decades of surety expertise.

This portal was designed by surety experts for simplicity and efficiency and supported by our outstanding surety agents at BOSS Bonds. You won’t find this level of experience, passion, and customer service in the surety industry elsewhere. Let us help you!

Painless, no-hassle surety bonds.

You can start earning surety commissions as soon as today. Selling a bond is easy. It requires no surety expertise. We can get you set up in minutes. Then, just log in to our easy-to-use online portal, find your bond, and fill out a simple application. We'll handle the heavy lifting. makes it painless and hassle-free to serve all your clients' surety needs.

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As a surety-only company, our only interest is helping independent agents like you earn surety revenue. With BOSS Bonds, your client relationships are, and will always remain, your relationships.

Our goal is to help you make your client relationships stronger by making it easier for you to serve the full breadth of your clients' needs.

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